NY VFX Group - Nov 10

NY VFX GroupThe NY VFX group is getting together on Thursday November the 10th. Here's what we have on the agenda:

Yann Couderc, Product Specialist at Isotropix
Jason Starne, Senior Solutions Architect at CineSys-Oceana
Jason Starne will give a demonstration utilizing a blend of techniques with Adobe Mixamo, Maya and the powerful scatter system in Clarisse, to create massive crowds in minutes.

Yann Couderc from Isotropix will then show the latest features in version 3.0. Discover the new PBR materials and lights, as well as the recently released VR camera.

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360/VR Post Challenges: mocha VR Preview
Ross Shain, CMO / Product Designer at Boris FX & Imagineer Systems
In a special technology presentation, Ross Shain will preview the upcoming mocha VR,  new software that Imagineer Systems is developing for 360/VR workflows including tools for planar tracking, masking, removing camera rigs, nadir patching, stabilizing camera motion and more. 

"Invisible": Demystifying the close relationship between VFX and VR
Chris Healer, CEO at The Molecule
There are reasons why VFX isn’t talked about much when we talk about Virtual Reality - on the surface, it’s not as cool as the latest headset, not as jaw dropping as the latest video game, not as groundbreaking as the latest camera rig. Indeed, for many in the VR industry (just like the TV and Film industry) Visual Effects seem to exist in a world that is complicated, mysterious, and way too technical.

Chris Healer, CEO and Partner at The Molecule, has recently built a Virtual Reality department within a company that has built its foundation on Visual Effects and Animation. Fresh out of post for two hit projects, one for Conan O’Brien at Comic Con International and the second a scripted series called "Invisible" for Doug Liman, Chris has established himself at the nexus of VFX, VR, and Animation.

Using “Invisible” as an example, in this session Chris will peel back the layers of how VFX integrates with VR. With clear examples from the cutting edge project, he will discuss rotoscoping & painting in VR space, integrating CG elements & live-action elements such as fire, compositing in stereo, and everything in between.
The audience will leave with a better understanding of the important role of VFX within a VR project, and how a Visual Effects team can take any Virtual Reality experience to the next level.

Space is limited, so please RSVP today.

We’ll see you there!

Thursday, November 10th @ 6:30pm

50 Eldridge Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10002

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