Cantemo was established to lead the revolution for next generation Media Asset Management (MAM) solution. The founders, with years of experience behind them, could see a trend emerging for the creation and use of video extending beyond traditional broadcast. This meant that the existing MAM systems would no longer meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market.


Cantemo Portal™
Video is widely used by a hugely diverse number of companies with many differing use cases. That is why Cantemo Portal™ has been built to be flexible and agile, meaning it can meet your needs, no matter your size, type, or video usage needs. Cantemo Portal is like a warehouse of the ever-growing pool of video, audio, still images, and other forms of digital media. It provides fast search and playback no matter where your content lives in the multi-tiered storage environment, and it easily integrates with mainstream third-party tools like NLE’s, transcoders, distribution engines, and archive solutions.

Ingest all types of digital media in different ways to suit your own unique workflow.

Need to transcode your video file to different formats? We’ve got that covered!

Once imported, you are in control of your media, with easy searching, adding metadata, sharing, and everything in between.


Wherever your content needs to go, we ensure it is fit for distribution and can be exported to multiple platforms with ease.

Integrate Cantemo Portal with any number of archive solutions and you can even set automatic archiving rules.

Cantemo Portal is an easy-to-use web-based interface, which makes collaboration simple.

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