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Cubix is an end to end multi-tenanted asset management, automation, and orchestration platform – designed to be modular, scalable and agile. It includes close integration with best of breed “on premise” devices as well as cloud services for storage, transcoding and more. Combined with its different portals for user access depending on their needs, and a modular architecture that allows elements to be ran locally, within the cloud or both - makes it a powerful solution for any media environment.

Tech Portal
The enterprise nature of Cubix means it can be quickly scaled up and down as projects / clients require, and the modular nature of the platform allows for new device types to be added without impacting the existing system. Cubix can be deployed fully on site, in public cloud environments, or a mixture of both – allowing clients to leverage both local and cloud resources to their best advantage for both cost and speed. Cubix is already deployed in environments for distribution, post, playout, bulk ingest, dailies, DCP management, clip sales and archive.

Cubix is fully AD integrated and multi-tenanted throughout, including the support for complete white labelling of the web portals, which are shipped as standard in Cubix. This allows for staff or clients to sign on according to existing login details, and have both access control and rights applied based on their Active Directory groups.

Clips Portal
The orchestration engines of Cubix allows for workflows to be configured that are either entirely manual, fully automated – or a mixture of the two. These workflows can also be easily configured and adapted over time to match changing needs via the Taskflow Designer. This allows for the system to grow and adapt to the client’s needs, as well as providing high levels of transparency that allow bottlenecks and issues to be identified quickly and easily.

Cubix by design is file and codec agnostic, understanding everything from simple image, audio and video formats through to complex reference files (OPAtom, DCP, DPX, image sequences) and ancillary files such as subtitles, PDFs, ISOs, etc.

Editorial Post Production
The Cubix platform can also offer services for automated import, management and ingest of the media with associated metadata into editorial environments such as Avid. Intertwined with the core capabilities around hierarchies, mezzanine and ancillary files, taskflow and media rules to perform a variety of tasks that are essential to an editorial workflow – including direct ingest to Interplay.

Cubix is designed, developed and maintained entirely by Ortana Media Group.