Marquise Technologies

Mastering Revolution
MIST revolutionizes the mastering process by offering unrivalled features in one unique solution for the creation of any type of masters or file packages from any type of source media. From the RAW data to the final project, MIST provides dailies management, multiple format transcoding, extensive editing and conforming tools, advanced color grading and color management features, image enhancement and conversion tools. Whatever the type of master you need to deliver, MIST offers the most intuitive and evident workflow with tools to control and validate the compliancy with the standards.

MIST 2017 Brochure

MIST Master

MIST master

The Revolution for Masters Creation

MIST Masters is a turn-key system designed to achieve unbeatable rendering and encoding performances with dedicated acceleration boards. Mastering packages include advanced features and unique creation modes together with image enhancement and restoration tools:

  • DCI Mastering
  • IMF Mastering
  • Broadcast Mastering
  • DVO image enhancement tools

MIST Prime

MIST prime

A Flexible Software Solution for I/O Management

MIST Prime is a software only solution featuring all MIST Core functionalities. It can be installed on a certified system, or on a custom workstation adjusted to your facility workflow, allowing both budget and feature scalability. It's the perfect solution for in-lab dailies and IN/OUT media management.

Dedicated Mastering Packages are also available for easily creating DCP or IMF packages.

MIST Mobile

MIST mobile

The Ultimate Nomad Device for Dailies On-set

MIST mobile is the most comprehensive system for on-set and near-set dailies. Composed of MIST Core functionalities and integrated in an all-in-one powerful portable workstation, MIST Mobile is able to work live with industry camera leaders (ARRI, SONY F65, RED, AJA, Blackmagic and more).

Reference Player
ICE has been especially designed to support any type of media, including 4K DCP and UHD IMF packages. This is the perfect tool to validate the majority of post-production, archive and broadcaster's content. An SDI output capability allows frame rate accuracy and synchronized audio playback.


Extensive Source Media Support
  • Support for Interop and SMPTE DCP, including stereo3D DCPs up to 4K @60 FPS
  • Support for IMF and other mezzanine formats such as ProRes 444, Avid DNxHD 444, XDCAM, AVC Intra, AS-11 UK DPP
  • Native support of RAW data at the camera resolution (ARRI RAW, DNG, RED R3D, SONY F65, F55 RAW, Phantom flex 4K, Canon C500, etc.)
  • Support for uncompressed formats such as DPX, TIFF, OpenEXR, etc.
Advanced Viewing Capabilities
  • Display on computer screen, reference monitor, or DCI projector
  • Automatic resizing of the content according to play-out mode
  • Custom 3D LUT support
  • Stereo 3D and HDR support
Tools for Advanced Quality Control
  • Histogram, waveform and vector scope to analyze color information (color space, video range, tonal distribution, etc.)
  • Color space conversion to REC709, REC2020, DCI XYZ, ACES
  • NLE timeline with display of video, audio and subtitle tracks, markers and reels
  • Extensive metadata display for files and packages
  • Validation process with more than 50 tests on the packages (DCP and IMF)
  • Export of validation results (PDF reporting)
  • SDI output capability allows frame rate accuracy and synchronized audio playback
ICE 2017 Brochure

black ICE
Turn-key System for 4K Uncompressed and IMF

The black ICE server's powerful architecture permits the real-time playback of 4K uncompressed files, making it a must for monitoring during the post-production phase, or to display them during mega shows. It's also the solution of choice for QC IMF files mastered at very high bit rates.